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Dr. Matteo Secoli Visit

Istituto Secoli was founded by Carlo Secoli in Treviso in 1934 and today is one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion schools in Milan. Atharva School of Fashion & Arts is proud to have hosted Mr. Matteo Secoli ( Director, Istituto Secoli) and Ms. Fion on the 6 th May, 2019. The meeting was aimed at understanding each other’s academic requirements, and initiating other academic activities like students exchange, faculty exchange, joint projects etc. We at Atharva School of Fashion & Arts also take pride in announcing that the talent exhibited by our students by means of embroideries, hand stitched garments, pieces of art etc. was highly appreciated by Mr. Matteo Secoli. We look forward to a long sustained partnership with Istituo Secoli to further enhance the skills of our students.